Bourbon Capital of the World®

In 1789, Baptist minister Elijah Craig pretty much saved us all when he developed America’s signature spirit – bourbon. Since its first barrel over 200 years ago, it’s helped build the lives of Bardstown residents who’ve earned their living by distilling America’s native spirit. And the rest of us? It makes our lives much better too.

Fast-forward to today. You not only have the opportunity to tour Bardstown’s nine distilleries, but bourbon is flowing everywhere but the kitchen faucet. With everything that Bardstown has to offer, bourbon has found its way into every nook and cranny. Not only does this miniature mecca offer entertainment, dining, history, and shopping, but it also offers bourbon entertainment, bourbon-inspired dining, bourbon history, and bourbon shopping. Come add to your bourbon collection today!

Explore Our Spirit

Where It's Made.

Barton 1792 Distillery & Visitor Center
Maker’s Mark Distillery
Heaven Hill Distillery Bourbon Heritage Ctr.
Willett Distillery Visitor Center & Whiskey Shop
Bardstown Bourbon Company
Preservation Distillery
Jim Beam American Stillhouse
Four Roses Warehouse & Bottling Facility Visitor Center
Lux Row Distillers